Part-time Rental Management Assistant Position Available

Thank you for your interest in the career opportunity we have available.

Please read this entire page carefully. There is important information about the position that you must understand prior to applying.

We are a growing real estate investment company with offices in Raleigh, North Carolina (West Raleigh near Cary). If you're looking for a position that will get you excited and challenge you, then you should consider this position with us.

We are seeking a part-time (approximately 20-30 hours per week) rental management assistant. The primary duties of this position include:

  • Collections and accounts receivable management
  • Office organization and management
  • Communicating with customers

What this career is and isn't

Read this information carefully. If you see some things you don't like, then it is likely that the position is not for you, so there's no need to apply.

We're willing to train you on most tasks; however, we do require that you have some experience with:

  • Collections of overdue accounts, and
  • Simple accounting (preferably QuickBooks)

Also, in order to work in this company you need to:

  • Be self-motivated and have lots of energy
  • Be able to deal with problems with a cool head
  • Handle the occasional angry customer with a pleasant tone and yet not take it personally
  • Follow directions and repeat prescribed steps in the procedure manual without improvising
  • Be able to work alone
  • Be self-directed and a problem solver
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Be organized and very detail-oriented
  • Be able to communicate concisely both orally and in writing (for example, be able to construct a proper letter that is informative and easily understood by the recipient)
  • Have good math skills
  • Be very comfortable in front of a computer and in front of people
  • Not be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand
  • Bring new ideas for better organization and improvement of processes
  • Be responsible for thinking on your own

Conversely, this is not the position for you if you:

  • Cannot be firm with customers who are late paying
  • Get stressed-out by lots of deadlines coming at once
  • Require direct supervision to accomplish goals and deadlines
  • Procrastinate on important duties
  • Keep a cluttered mind or desk
  • Have a hard time focusing on single tasks to completion
  • Are math-challenged

We are looking for someone who understands that their success is tied to the success of the company. Someone who wants to take ownership of their responsibilities to help make the company successful.

Do you have additional skills?

If you possess any of the following skills, your application may be considered more highly than others:

  • Familiarity with Real Estate and/or Mortgage paperwork and terminology
  • Extensive office administration experience
  • Bilingual Spanish / English

Keep in mind, however, for the right candidate, those things are desirable but not required.

Other required duties

Because we lease houses, we have the responsibility to our investors to evict people who do not pay. If this bothers you, please do not apply. Part of your duties will be traveling to area court houses to file evictions and appear in small-claims court to testify on our behalf.

In addition to travel to the courthouses, you will frequently be using your car to travel to the local post office and to check on vacant houses in the area. Occasionally the position will require that you travel as far away as Fayetteville (which is just over 1 hour from the office).

Computer skills you will need:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Word and Excel (above beginner level)
  • Adobe Acrobat and PDF files.
  • G-mail e-mail
  • Internet Explorer to do on-line research
  • Reasonably good touch typing skills

If you are brought in for an interview, you will be tested on your specific computer skills.

What to do next

Please do not contact us until you have read this entire page carefully.

Please DO NOT send us a resume. What we want to see is:

  1. A summary of your qualifications as it relates to what is described here. (If you don't have much experience in these areas, then explain how you are motivated to learn and excel.)
  2. Brief information about your duties and length of employment on your current and/or past two jobs.
  3. Minimum salary requirements
  4. When you would be available to start
  5. References (at least three, including at least one from current or recent employment)

Send all that information by e-mail to: Again, if you send us a resume and don't thoroughly addressing the five points above, then your e-mail will be deleted without further consideration.

Thank you for considering a job with us. If you like what you have read here, we look forward to hearing from you. Do not attempt to contact our office in any other way besides e-mail. We will contact you when we are ready to interview you.